Reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering

The Reverse Engineering technology represents a fundamental tool to recreate, design samples that are nomore at disposal from the point of view of the industrial production, or to create pieces that are unique in the world. Reverse Engineering represents a considerable advantage in the reduction of engineering timing in order to obtain high-quality products. Reverse Engineering is also connected to product Engineering because it can be used as the starting point for development of a product.

CRP Meccanica has introduced the service of Reverse Engineering for two main applications:

  • Digitalization of a physical model and reconstruction of CAD models – the service is able to offer quality models according to customer needs:
    – Cloud of points from scanning
    – Model scanning and Rapid Prototyping directly from the scanned STL files
    – NURBS surfaces class B
    – A class surfaces
    – Solid models
  • Dimensional control of parts and tooling – the same hardware and software allow to scan surfaces and compare them with the CAD model to create a report for tridimensional inspection

Instrument and technical features used for CRP Meccanica Reverse Engineering:

  • 7 axis CMM Faro Platinum Arm + Faro Laser Line Probe optical system
  • Spherical measuring range: 3 m
  • Scanning speed: 19.200 points/secondo
  • Working temperature: 10°C – 40°C (50°F – 104°F)
  • Standing temperature cycle: 3°C/5min. (5.4°F/5min.)
  • Maximum working dampness: 95%, without condense

The Reverse Engineering equipment is completely portable and allows to make 3D scanning and measurements on customer site.