Alloys of Titanium Ti-6Al4V

Machining Titanium Alloys Ti6Al4V

CRP Meccanica and alloys of Titanium Ti-6Al4V

Taking into account the features of Titanium alloys and its applications in different fields, from motor sport to aerospace, naval and industrial.

CRP Meccanica is able to machining Titanium alloys, besides the fact it was the first to process this material with the technology of Rapid Casting.

Ti6Al4V is the alloy used in motorsport and in aerospace and it is used by CRP Meccanica as well.
It contains 6% of Aluminium and 4% of vanadium and it is an excellent combination of resistance to loads and great resistance to corrosion.

Alloys of Titanium Ti6Al4V manufacturing methods

The alloys of Titanium Ti6Al4V can be processed with

  • CNC machining
  • Rapid Casting and welding

Alloys of Ti6Al4V key strengths

  • Lightness (density 4,43g/cm3)
  • High specific Ultimate Tensile Strength (225,73 MPa/(g/cm3) per density unit)
  • Bio-compatibility
  • Low thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Corrosion and stress-corrosion resistance

Advantages of the Annealing process

  • Tenacity
  • Ductility at room temperature
  • Dimensional and structural stability
  • Creep resistance

Post treatments

Considering the high material reactivity, when it casts a few post-treatments are necessary:

  • Chemical milling: to remove the alpha case created when the metal touches the ceramic shell
  • Hip: Hot Isostatic Pressure applied in an inert atmosphere (argon) to eliminate micro-porosity and shortage of material inside the casting
  • TIG Weld repair in inert atmosphere to fill in porosity or HIP hollows, tested with real time RX inspections
  • Shot peening: under-control shot peening to reduce stress and increase fatigue resistance