MMC – Metal Matrix Composites

Machining Metal Matrix Composites MMC

Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) materials

The production of Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) components is one of the main activity of CRP Meccanica.
Standard material connected to motorsport is 225XE: 2124A aerospace Aluminium alloy reinforced with particles of silicon carbide (2-3 micron) at 25% in volume.

Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) is versatile and can be processed with:

  • CNC machining from hipped billet, from forging or extrusion, with customized PCD tools
  • Wire EDM

The advantages of Metal Matrix Composites

  • Considerable weight saving (density 2.88 g/cm3)
  • Stiffness (elastic modulus 115 GPa)
  • Great resistance to stress
  • Excellent behaviour under temperature

CRP Meccanica and the MMC process

The industry of F1 uses MMC Aluminium thanks to its mere features of lightness and higher performances.

CRP Meccanica has started to process these composites in 2000 focusing its attention on the study and development of more suitable tools for the processing.

The metal-based material is highly abrasive and cannot be processed with traditional tools in hard sintered metal (Widia). For this reason CRP Meccanica has developed and used PCD tools (Polycrystalline Diamond) customized according to CRP Meccanica drawing, obtaining a greater productivity, quality and definition of details compared to processing with traditional tools in Widia.