Machining Materials

CRP Meccanica is able to machining materials with CNC Machining and Rapid Casting like MMC and Super Aluminium, Titanium alloys, Steel alloys, Aluminium alloys, Magnesium and Copper and Superalloys materials.

MMC of Aluminium
The production of  MMC parts is one of the main activity of  CRP Meccanica. The composites Metal Matrix are suitable for weight saving, higher stiffness and considerable resistance to efforts. They are usually processed with CNC machining or EDM.

Titanium alloys Ti-6Al4V
Taking into account the properties of Titanium and its applications in different fields, from motorsport to aerospace, from naval to industrial sectors, CRP Meccanica is able to machining Titanium alloys from CNC machining and it has been the first  to process these alloys through Rapid Casting.

17-4 PH Steel alloy
One of the steel alloy used by CRP is 17-4 PH processed through CNC machining or with Rapid Casting and then processed with CNC. With the process and the production of mechanical parts through Investment Casting of 17-4 PH Steel, CRP Meccanica has obtained weight reduction and a structural behaviour with higher efficiency, beside a higher final quality.

Superalloys (Inconel 625 and 718)
Superalloys like Inconel 625 and 718 are usually processed with Investmet Casting and CNC machining and it is possible to reach meaningful technical features  like high quality of the surface and an excellent thickness under control (0,8mm typical thickness).

Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper alloys
The Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper alloys fully CNC machined have properties of high quality of the surface  and an excellence control of thickness. Moreover, they have good mechanical properties and they have great reliability.