Machining Department

CNC Machining Department

The CNC Machining Department is composed of:

  • Innovative CNC milling centres connected to company net (LAN) and to CAM dept. with high quality 3,4 and 5 axis to process high-tech materials
  • CNC lathe dept.
  • EDM dept.
  • Welding dept. certified by the Italian Welding Institute (Ti 6Al4V and AISI 630), with n° 4 chambers in inert atmosphere with ARGON

Welding Department

The Welding Department of CRP Meccanica expresses its welding activity in its mere concept. Different kinds of welding processes can be carried out. It is possible to process Titanium alloys too.

In particular this welding process has obtained the official recognition of the Welding Italian Institute (Ti 6Al4V and AISI 630, with n° 4 chambers in inert atmosphere with ARGON).

Tooling and Fitting Department

The Tooling and Fitting Department of  CRP Meccanica praises more than 30 years of experience.

The department is composed of innovative machines and tooling and skilled operators are trained and kept up-to-date constantly in order to guarantee maximum quality and reliability according to customer’s need with short delivery times.

Quality and Control Department

CRP Meccanica like the other companies of the CRP Group, assures the respect of qualitative standards accordingly to the European and International laws with the commitment to obtain other certificates concerning the activities developed with the aim to provide a real contribute through its experience and ability in in high-performing sectors that are characterised by high standard of quality and safety.

The department of Control and Quality is equipped with the necessary tools fundamental to carry out analysis because CRP Meccanica means quality and reliability.