High precision CNC machining

High precision CNC machining

The Mechanical Department for high precision CNC machining is characterised by

  • 18 CNC milling centres connected to company net (LAN) and to CAM dept. with high quality 3,4 and 5 axis to process high-tech materials
  • CNC lathe department
  • EDM department
  • Welding department, certified by the Italian Welding Institute (Ti 6Al4V and AISI 630, with n° 4 chambers in inert atmosphere with ARGON)

Some of the main high-tech materials processed with high precision CNC machining:

  • Titanium alloys (Ti-6Al4V)
  • Metal Matrix (AMC225xe)
  • Special Steels (300M, Maraging 300 – 350, 15CDV6, 17-4 PH and others)
  • Aluminium alloys (2014, 2024, 6082, 7050, 7075 and others), Magnesium and Copper
  • Superalloys (Inconel 625 and 718)

All CNC machines are connected to company net (LAN) and receive complex working cycles. They are located in the technical dept (CAM dept) in order to maximize the automation and therefore the productivity to the advantage of delivery timing and final product quality.

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