Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design is carried out by CRP Engineering with its innovative workstations, its constantly updated CAD softwares. The aim is to study, design and develop a product, avoiding errors in order to have in short time the feasibility of the project.

CRP Engineering can offer:

  • Process engineering (optimization of the drawing to the chosen manufacturing process, i.e. casting or additive sintering of powder starting from a processing drawing for CNC machining)
  • Product engineering
  • Pre-series engineering
A real and effective contribute not only in motorsport field but in other sectors too, where there is the need to study, design and develop a product suitable for the referring market, eliminating any possible errors in order to save time and costs and to have in short time the feasibility of the project in question.
The process of engineering of CRP Engineering supports CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology.

CRP Engineering

CRP Engineering can count on CAD/CAM softwares of the group Cimatron to testify the quality and efficiency setting a sinergy with the Italian seat Microsystem Srl, with the aim to have at disposal up-to-date and innovative softwares.

The CAD/CAM system of Cimatron is one of the partners of CRP Engineering and CRP Meccanica in the fields of design and manufacturing and has been present since the very first versions on workstations of the 80′s in the company, testifying a long collaboration always in search of innovation in every sector. The very close relationship with Microsystem has brought to the realization of precise and optimized post-processors for every machine tool type.