Aluminium, Copper and Magnesium alloys machining

Product in Aluminiun 7075 alloy machined

Aluminium Copper Magnesium alloys are fully CNC machined and have high quality surface features and excellent control of thickness.

They can be used to connect different mechanical parts, for example in the connection of the forks with the frame in a racing motorbike.

Several different Aluminium alloys are available:

  • Aluminium 2014-T6; 2014-T651
  • Aluminium 2024-T4; 2024-T351
  • Aluminium 2219-T851
  • Aluminium 6082-T6
  • Aluminium 7050-T7451 (7050-T73651)
  • Aluminium 7075-T6; 7075-T651
  • Alloys of Aluminium Copper Magnesium

The Aluminium Copper Magnesium alloys can be processed with:

  • CNC machining

The advantages of the alloys of Aluminium, Copper and Magnesium are:

  • High quality surface
  • Excellent thickness control (0,8mm usual thickness)
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Great reliability